Bike Corral @Long Beach

Vu sur l’excellent blog du shop Cityground, voici le Bike Corral, une initiative intéressante de la ville de Long beach autour du concept du parking à vélo :

« The Long Beach bike corral is a metal rack shaped like a car that fits into a standard parking space (traditionally used to park one automobile) to provide on-street parking for 14 bikes. Based on the experiences of other cities, businesses, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists benefit from bike corrals in the following ways: Businesses: Corrals provide a 14-to-1 customer to parking space ratio and advertise bike-friendliness. They also improve the outdoor café seating environment by removing locked bikes from the sidewalk and railing, and provide a buffer between parked cars and sidewalk dining. »

> Pedestrians: Corrals clear the sidewalks and serve as de facto curb extensions.
> Bicyclists: Corrals increase the visibility of bicycling and improve cyclists’ access to commercial corridors.
> Motorists: If placed near street corners, bike corrals have been found to improve visibility at intersections by eliminating the opportunity for larger vehicles to park and block their line of sight.

De quoi [peut-être] donner des idées à la Mairie de Paris ! Dédicace à nos amis du IVè…

City Grounds | Plus ici.

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