Scrapertown: The Original Scraper Bike Team

Ils sont américains – Ils sont jeunes – Ils roulent à vélo. A [re]voir, ce documentaire sur les enfants du ghetto de Oakland, The Original Scraper Bike Team, des bikers par comme les autres…

« In order to become a member of the Original Scraper Bike Team, you must: Be a resident of Oakland, CA. Be at least 7 y/o or older. Retain A 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA), Create your own Scraper Bike…(It Has To Be Amazing, Or Else You Can’t Ride). A single-file line when riding. After 10 rides the Scraper Bike King and his Captains will decide if your bike is up to standards and if you can follow simple guidelines. After your evaluation we will consider you a member and honor you with an Original Scraper Bike Team Shirt. Only worn when Mobbin’. Stay posted to our website for all upcoming Scraper Bike Rides… » — The Scraper Bike King.

Via | Original Scraper Bikes.

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